Welcome to our Gardens

Welcome to Sunnyhurst Gardens, where we deliver liberation through care.
With over 20 years experience in aged care facilities and specialised needs services, Sunnyhurst Gardens nestles itself in the beautiful bayside suburb of Brighton. Sunnyhurst gardens is committed to the wellbeing of our residents and ensuring they enjoy every day with excellent care and attention 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Sunnyhurst Gardens is more than an aged care facility, it is a community, built  on the foundations of wellbeing, happiness, entertainment, outings, listening, friendly, emotional support, time to express feelings, counseling, communication with family, stress free living, safe secure environment, prompt medical attention, cheerfulness and comfort.
Our committed staff are long term members of our community and enjoy building valued and caring relationships with all residents. At Sunnyhurst Gardens we endeavor to build an atmosphere of emotional warmth, acceptance and freedom, delivering thorough care.

Sunnyhurst a great community

Our commitment to community value is
demonstrated by our unique facilities
and staff members.

Our staff are highly trained

Sunnyhurst Gardens ensures your
loved one receives professional
personalized care.

Only the best is good enough

First rate facilities equals first rate care.