‘Environment like no other’

Sunnyhurst Gardens prides itself on delivering an inclusive community, where all residents can enjoy the right blend of both leisure and social activities. Combining the resident’s social wellbeing with the relationships of staff members enables them to feel immersed within a tight knit community.
Successful neighborhoods require the correct ingredients – Quality amenities, real world services and caring on-site teams, result in our residents living a happy lifestyle whilst appreciating the strong bonds of community life. Keeping our residents immersed in fresh pursuits is a priority, as social continuity breed’s enthusiasm.
Most of our residents at Sunnyhurst are no longer in the workforce, however they have not retired from life. We provide an atmosphere that nurtures happiness allows them to continue to work within communities of people their own age and with similar interests.
Upcoming events
Sunyhurst Gardens welcomes residents and family members to join our Christmas BBQ.